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Notes and quotes from famous and yet to be famous supporters.

*** Aubrey Weldon, Entertainment Legal Counsel ***
Thanks Dave! The performance was great. You are on your way to building up the "buzz" that record companies like to hear about a new artist. Continue to put those CDs out and to appear in public. You have a relevant message in your music that people need to hear. Keep going, Aubrey

***Maria Benet - Poet, Author and noted blogger ***
Hey Dave: That was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed seeing and hearing you perform. I wrote up the evening on my weblog. If you are curious, here is the URL: Good luck on Wednesday. Maria

*** Barbara F. - Fan and longtime friend ***
Dave - I am listening to your CD and I just have to tell you - - - I love it! I really think they are great songs - good lyrics, good music, important subject matter. A wonderful package. Oh, and the packaging is great too. Please send my best to your art director. Great job. Love, Barbara

*** Kathy K - freind and president of the fan club ;) ***
Dave, Although I am unable to make your San Francisco premier, I would like to extend an invitation for you to do an East Coast gigin Boston. Housing and food will be provided, fan club has already been established (I'm president, ofcourse), and if prior history is any indication, we can make you a big star! (ever hear of Bruce Springsteen). good luck and sing one for me!! Kathy

*** Charley Clay - President, Clay Enterprises ***
Dave, Congrats on the CD! I wish I could make it for some of the to do's. I listened to a few of the samples - nice work! Charley

*** Suzanne Pass - Musician and major supporter. Check out ***
Dave, Congrats on yet another milesone! Thanks again for including me in this special concert. I had a great time! Your music is really terrific. Suzanne

*** Sam M. - Long time friend and New Yorker ***
Hey Davey - So now you're a star! Wish I could be there for the big release but alas, too far away. Tried the link so I could hear a sample but it was overloaded -- so I'll try again later. Enjoy your upcoming events; I'll look forward to hearing some of the tunes and congrats! Sam

*** Ted Silverman - Musician and supporter Check out ***
Dave, Congratulations on this monumental effort Dave. Way to go! Have fun and keep making music. -Ted

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