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CoMando Scholarship CD 2004

U.S. Purchase Info (sorry, no international orders)
Use your
Paypal account or make out a $20 check or money order to "Dave Berry" with a return mailing address and send it to the address below. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery though typically it will just be a few days. The $20 covers all costs including the CD, shipping, packaging, handling, postage, time, sweat and special care. The CD is in CD/R format, not CD Audio so it may not play on older CD players. Usually this is not a problem but we will make every effort to fix any compatability issues. Questions or comments to dberry_98 AT yahoo DOT com

Mail Address
CoMando CD 2004
Dave Berry
3228 Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Paypal Your Total Cost is $20.00 which includes tax, Paypal fees and shipping.
This breaks down to $16.91 for the CD plus $3.09 shipping and handling.
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Sample of the Week
Big Eve by David Long and Friends
 1 -
Aristocracy (trad) - Ashley Broder
 2 - Big Eve (D. Long) - David Long and Friends
 3 - Big Darby (A. Hannigan) - The Hickory Project
 4 - Opus 2.1 (P. Paletta) - McMule
 5 - Mediterranean Sunrise (M. Daly) - Mark Daly
 6 - Fiselekh, Fiselekh (trad.) - Austen Woods
 7 - Barcarolle (trad.) - Nicola Swinburne and Mitch Landy
 8 - Loss of Her (Beale-Smith) - Mark Beale and Bob Smith
 9 - Where I Shall Not Rest Alone (M. Fox) - Matthew Fox
10 - Boys of Bluehill/The Broken Pledge/Chief O’Neill’s Favourite (trad.) - Martin Stillion
11 - Vanagon/Salvation (R. Rosenberg-S. Bradley) - Round the House
12 - Oh, My Little Darlin’ (trad.) - Rootbound
13 - Perfect Mason (R. Henry) - Red Henry
14 - Katy Daly (trad.) - Half Day Bluegrass Band
15 - El Cumbanchero (trad.) - The Tom Isenhour Band
16 - Woodworking (Z. Griffin) - Moonlight Hoodoo Revue
17 - Wash Away (E. Parker-R. Bengtson) - Ebin-Rose
18 - After School (D. Berry) - Dave and Jacob Berry

Dave Berry: Producer and mastering engineer
Ray Murphy: Artos Design Group, Inc. Graphics and content editor
Jeff Lawrence: Scholarship fund administrator
NBT1002 © 2004 Nothin But Time Music

Each year the annual
CoMando Community Scholarship Fund provides support to needy, motivated mandolin players to attend mandolin camp. Details and a history of the fund can be viewed at the Mandolin Cafe CoMando Page. This year we produced this CD featuring artists from the CoMando email list to support the Scholarship Fund and 100% of the profits from this CD will go to the scholarship fund!. I’m always amazed by the musical talent floating around the Internet on email communities such as CoMando. This CD is dedicated to the spirit of that community and the ongoing willingness to share their music to enable others to further develop their craft. Thanks to all the artists who volunteered their music and to Ray Murphy of Artos Design Group, Inc. for yet another great CoMando CD graphics job. Also, thanks to Jeff Lawrence, the “Principal Pesterer”, for organizing this year’s Scholarship Fund. Special thanks go out to John Baxter, owner of the web sites MandoZine and and Scott Tichenor, owner of Mandolin Cafe for ongoing support of the mandolin community and the scholarship fund. And of course, thanks to all the people who support the fund with the purchase of the CD. I doubt that you will be disappointed.

Happy listening!