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Men of Iron and Steel is a song that I wrote after reading about the dedication of a football stadium that was built in the 1920's in my home town of Ironton, Ohio. Ironton Tanks Memorial Stadium is still used today by the Ironton Fighting Tigers High School football team. During the dedication ceremony, one of the old players, Glen Presnell was present. Glen excelled for the Ironton Tanks, Portsmouth Spartans and Detroit Lions. Well into his 90's, he still is getting around enough to illustrate why many think he should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his days leading the Portsmouth Spartan's and Detroit Lions in NFL Championship games. My biggest wish is that the song could somehow contribute to Mr. Presnell getting his just reward after all this time.

Here is an MP3 copy of the song for your enjoyment

Men of Iron and Steel    Lyrics

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