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The CD is finished! Click on the links to read about it, listen to samples or purchase it.

Check out the mini review in Maria's blog entry following the Voodoo Lounge show.

Also, see the new Buzz Page
Online home for songs and mandolin music by alternative folk rock country singer songwriter Dave Berry a.k.a "Tuhker" and friends.

"At the Beach" is his first CD and is truly a solo adventure with friends and family helping out. It was a homemade offering from the beginning and proves you don't necesarily need big dollars or name producers to make a decent CD, though it might be fun to try.

It has been called everything from Jimmy Buffet to Kermit the Frog with some homespun mandolin pickin thrown in for spice. Feel free to go listen for yourself on the Sample's page.

For more info on the making of the CD, read the story.

For purchase info, visit the store.

Home | Story | Sample's | Venues | Store